Yoga Celebrity Fashions we Love

It seems like everyone these days is obsessed with celebrities. The trends introduced by celebrities affect a number of different areas including clothes, workouts, and diets. Yoga practitioners are not immune to this love of celebrity culture. There are a number of yoga celebrities who are almost as famous for their fashion choices as they are for their poses. Because of this love for celebrity fashions, we’ve created this list of the top yogis whose fashion choices are as bright and outrageous as their personalities seem to be.

YogaGirl, Rachel Brathen

This social media sensation keeps her profile honest and very real and still looks amazing at the same time. She combines her comfortable yet fashionable yoga outfits with casual clothes that are just as effortlessly stylish. And she always manages to look as if she isn’t really trying to look fantastic. A skill we should all learn!

SportLuxe, Sarah and Bianca

Dedicated to yoga as well as other types of workouts, these two fashionista’s look amazing no matter what they’re doing. Their outfits, both on and off the mat, are always edgy and stylish and their online accounts give an amazing look into the lives of two women who seem to be naturally chic.

Pat Bailey

For fashion that is sexy, colorful and used as an art form, you can’t miss this yoga fashionista. Her style is endlessly inventive and ever-evolving and she experiments with her surroundings as they relate to her clothing and poses in some truly jaw-dropping ways.

Caitlin Turner

This yoga devotee uses the name Gypset Goddess to explain her lifestyle and philosophy and it’s one that suits her down to the ground. Fond of wearing bright, contrasting colors and posing for shots in some amazing locations, this yogi is a great inspiration for people who aren’t afraid to make bold choices, in fashion and in life.

Kino MacGregor

For an utterly fearless fashion style, this yogi does most of her poses in tiny bikinis, you can take inspiration from this beach-based yogi. Her outfits are always bright and colorful and set against some stunning, often ocean-based scenery. She also brings a touch of fun to her fashion choices, with tie-dye and zany patterns making their way into her wardrobe on a regular basis. She always looks great in them too.

Jessamyn Stanley

A reminder for all of us that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, no matter what some fashion labels seem to indicate. Jessamyn is one of the many ‘curvy yogis’ who are showing the world that they are proud of their body and what it can do and her yoga clothes are always bright, brave and sometimes shocking! A real inspiration for all the ‘normal’ women out there.

The workout clothes you wear can motivate and inspire you, and if you see an amazing outfit on a yoga celebrity you already love and follow, it can give even more impetus to your workouts. Though your interest may begin with the clothes, following such amazing yoga practitioners can only be positive for your yoga practice and your life as a whole, encouraging dedication and color in every part of your life.

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