Setting Up A Mindful Morning Routine

How you start your day can set the tone for how the rest of your day will flow. So, if you want to have a productive, joy-filled day, it is essential to start your day in a relaxed, mindful state of mind. Setting up a morning routine that allows you to step into a place of gratitude, ease, and happiness. It can take some experimentation and an open mind to figure out the perfect routine for you. Below are some different aspects of a morning routine that might speak to you or that you may experiment with. I encourage you to stick with new things for a few mornings while they soak in. You can also journal the experience and how you feel as you change one or two things at a time. Layer on as many aspects as you’d like and let the mornings be a time for you, to cherish yourself and the quiet and new beginnings that morning can provide.

  • Gratitude Lists: A wonderful way to start your morning off is to begin with gratitude. Make a simple list of some of the things you connect with, or you’re aware of in life that brings you joy and gratitude. Your gratitude list doesn’t have to be extensive and in depth. It can focus on little things like sunshine, a smile, or maybe more prominent relationships or aspects of your life that you’ve worked hard to achieve.
  • Morning Pages/ Journaling: Journaling is one of the best ways to mindfully connect with yourself and to check in with your emotions and deep desires. Morning pages are a popular form of journaling where you sit down in the morning and write one to three pages in a stream of consciousness, without over-thinking or having a specific topic. You write exactly what comes into your mind at that moment. Other great journaling techniques include writing goals, manifestations, or affirmations. Maybe you keep a dream journal to write down and interpret your dreams to get a better insight into the things that may be troubling or exciting you. 
  • Meditation: Taking a few moments in the morning to connect with your breath can dramatically transform your morning. Guided meditations can be a wonderful way to start the process without any fear. Begin small with three to five-minute meditations; add time as you become more comfortable with sitting by yourself and exploring your breath. 
  • Yoga/ Mindful Movement: Taking a walk in the morning, doing some gentle exercise, or practicing yoga are all great aspects to incorporate into your morning routine. Exercise helps to wake you up, get your blood flowing, and give you the energy and focus that you need to accomplish all your tasks throughout the day. 
  • Time Outside: Take your meditation, morning beverage of choice, or your mindful movement outside and connect with nature. Mornings are full of crisp air, sounds of birds, and a general sense of newness that will leave you inspired and grateful for the opportunity to begin again day after day. 

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