How to Transition from Student to Teacher

If you have been practicing yoga for quite some time you may have felt a twinge of what it might be like to be on the teacher side of the practice. This twinge only makes sense because yoga is the discovery of oneself. Avid yogis have been known to say that yoga has helped them discover new and different versions of themselves. After taking numerous yoga classes you may begin thinking of how else to experience yoga on a different level. Becoming a certified yoga instructor is the answer to gaining that experience.

A yoga student may wonder what it is like to be a yoga teacher and to discover the practice of self-discovery on the other side of the mat. This transition does not occur overnight, you have to be willing to sacrifice certain aspects of your life and commit to new beginnings. A yoga teacher training is a next step after you have decided to commit. The process requires quite a large chunk of one’s time for a specific time period. During the training, there will be lessons, lessons from books and life. Individuals enter training as a different individual than when they exit because transformation is inevitable.

An act of surrendering must occur if anyone wants to become a yoga instructor. A surrendering of oneself to the possibility of discovering another side of yourself, a side that you may have never seen or that you may have been running from. Self-discovery is the result of becoming the best version of yourself, which is the end result of completing a teaching training.

Becoming a certified yoga instructor requires intense teacher training that may turn into other teacher training in the future to advance your knowledge of yoga. 

A few years of yoga must be under your belt, an understanding of what yoga is and the incredible benefits of consistent practice. One key aspect of this process is to find a yoga studio that you feel comfortable with. It is a good idea to do the training at the studio you practice with most consistently because you know that you are comfortable with the atmosphere and the instructors. Yoga teacher training should never be classified as “easy” because hard work and dedication are the two main components. 

In order to become a yoga instructor, you must enroll in and complete intense training for a certain amount of hours. 200-hour teacher training is the first-class requirement, no previous yoga training is necessary. The only requirement for this training is that you have practiced yoga consistently in the time leading up to your enrollment in the training. 

Once you have completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training, you can register to take the 500-hour training. The requirements for this teacher training are to have completed the 200-hour training, another 300-hour training, and experience as a yoga teacher. You do not have to enroll in the 500-hour training right away or even at all, it is just another training to enhance your knowledge of yoga. 

Making the transition from student to teacher is not easy because you are giving yourself permission to give the tools of self-discovery to yourself and other yogis who are in search of themselves. A huge responsibility is almost always coupled with huge doubt.   

Students of yoga often times wonder how to increase their yoga practice on a deeper level. Some students explore yoga teacher training to become a yoga instructor, which has amazing benefits on and off the mat. In order to become a yoga instructor you must complete a 200-hour teaching training and if you would like to advance in your career a 500-hour teaching training is also available. 

Yoga is more than poses on the mat, rather it’s how you live life when you are not on the mat. If being a yoga teacher is what you want to do then go for it and look fabulous doing it. You can find beautiful yoga leggings here

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