Feel Younger with Yoga

Everyone wants to retain their youth and look young. There are countless creams, pills and cosmetic procedures that are designed to help people look younger. But wouldn’t it be better if there was an option better than relying on unnatural ways that can cause harm because of the chemicals used? One of the natural ways of staying in shape and looking youthful is by practicing yoga.

Here are some yoga poses which will rejuvenate both your body and mind:

Equal Standing

As human beings, we usually sit around or more likely slouch around. This simple pose will help you remind yourself and your body what it feels like to stand properly and what your body looks like when you stand correctly. This pose is incredibly easy, spread both your legs on the mat and distribute your weight equally on both feet. Keep your chin up and your spine straight. A good tip is to pretend your body is being held up by a string attached from the crown of your head to the ceiling.

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Tree Pose

This is another simple pose designed to better your balance and posture. You start out by standing on both your feet, spread apart on the mat. Join your hands together at the palms, with your arms bent so that your hands are in front of your chest. Now bring your left leg up so that the sole of your feet is resting against your calf muscle.


This pose will help strengthen your knees and leg muscles. It will help with knee pain and injuries as well. Start out by placing both feet on your mat joined together. Then slightly bend your body so that you see like you are about to sit down in thin air, outstretching your arms in front of your palm facing one another. This pose should be maintained for as long as it is comfortable for you to do so.

Downward Dog

Downward dog is perhaps the most famous yoga pose there is. It is included in this list because this pose helps you build upper body strength. It keeps your spine healthy and stretches out your upper body and back very nicely. You start out on all fours on your mat, then pull your knees away from the mat so that your legs are outstretched behind you, then slowly raise your upper body up, with its weight being carried by both your arms and hands which are resting on the mat in front of you. You will know you have successfully pulled off this pose when your body makes an inverted V against the floor.

Looking and feeling youthful is incredibly important. It makes you feel better about yourself as well as helps you stay healthy and ward off diseases and sickness. A few yoga poses done throughout your day will vastly increase your health. You can do these yoga poses at any time of the day.

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